Helping managers motivate and inspire

Management skills are a special skill set where some of it is learned and some of it just has to come natural. Certain books will help ourselves grow as individuals. At TMM we have courses that goes through readings that will help you learn about yourself and the type of leader that you are. It is then when you know yourself you are able to lead a team to success. There must be chemistry in the team one mindset that is fluid through projects. We also, teach different personality types of workers so that you can relate understand and encourage them to do the work needed. We do management 101 courses where we teach MITs (Managers In Training) as well as seasoned managers. For season managers its more of a refresher course. Quick reading assignments, role playing etc… will be utilized in teachings.

This program is for managers, owners, and executives that would like to accelerate their team to a higher level of performance and efficiency.

We have two management coaching programs

  1. Management Training 101 – interpersonal skills
    (For top staff or managers in training)

    1. Self awareness of management styles
    2. Segment staff by leveraging their unique strengths
    3. Access staff
  2. Management Training 102 – management Refreshment Course

The end result of our management coaching program will allow managers to instill confidence and educate their staff on interpersonal skills.