Optimizing your web presence to increase FREE TARGETED traffic

SEO or search engine optimization; you probably have stumbled across these “buzzwords” in your

journey to understand a bit more about online marketing.

Long story short,  in order for your website to rank higher on the search engines, there are three general steps.


1. Analyze your business and industry to determine relevant keywords (words or phrases your customers may be searching for to find you)

2. Determine which keywords will drive more targeted traffic organically based off factors such as search traffic, analytics,  and competition levels.

3. Optimize your website’s internal structure and create/optimize content to reflect your targeted keywords/phrases

4. Get high ranking websites to link to your website (back links)

5. Generate continuous reporting metrics to determine what works and what doesn’t

6. Go back to step #2 and repeat for success!


In essence, this is the general idea behind search engine optimization to help your website rank higher.

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