Engage your customers or turn prospects into customers

Email marketing may seem old school compared to newer methods of engagement from social media.

However with the proper content marketing strategy it could actually out perform social media!

The TwyLyfe team understands that email marketing is only one aspect

of a full marketing plan and helps to deepen the relationship with customers and potential customers.

Email marketing can provide valuable insight such as:

  • WHO is opening your emails – who are your most interested leads/customers?
  • WHAT they click in your emails -what are they interested in?
  • WHEN do they open them – increase scheduling efficiency of future campaigns
  • Social performance – see how many people are sharing your email on social media

Our full service email marketing solutions include:

  • Email Newsletter Design tailored to your business
  • Email marketing consultation and best practices
  • Integration of email signup form on your website and other social platforms
  • MailChimp training as needed
  • Custom landing pages for linked content as needed

TwyLyfe recommends using MAILCHIMP.

Their FREE account is perfect for most small to medium size businesses to start off with.

email marketing sample

mailchimp email marketing

We prefer MailChimp for email marketing

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