Client Name: SolarCure LLC

Related Industries:

Public Relations, Marketing, Reputation Management

Client background:

SolarCure is a for profit company that specializes in helping clients combine powerful messaging and brand promotion with legitimate, sustainable, renewable green energy practices – all while helping veterans.

Their “Adopt-a-Solar Panel” Program helps businesses promote a green and veteran friendly brand by sponsoring a solar panel to be installed at a military veteran oriented non profit in the USA.

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How TwyLyfe has helped achieve their business objectives:


Services Rendered:

Marketing Consulting, Responsive Web Design, Web Development, Content Management System, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, Press Release writing, Press Release distribution

“TwyLyfe has the unique ability to create websites that capture the vision & theme of what exactly your company is trying to convey to the market. They have the capability to capture quickly what was on my mind to shorten the learning curve between web designer and client. By quickening the process and saving time, this equates to financial savings over the duration of the project.”

Raymond Saluccio

SolarCure Founder and CEO