Ideas for Killer headlines

It’s obvious that headlines are probably the most important factor in garnering interest for your content.

Here are several examples of how to create killer headlines:


  • Summarize the content

    Sum up the article in one short sentence – short but concise

  • Explain “HOW TO”


  • Ask a question, or provide a statement to peak interest

    “How much is too much blogging?”
    “How to negotiate like a pro”
    “What we can learn from Pink Flamingos”

  • Contradict the obvious:

    Some examples could be:
    “How to be rude while sounding nice”
    “M&N’s melt in my hand, not my mouth”
    “Why Web 2.0 is really 1.0”

  • Use numbers, especially odd ones:

    Some examples could be:
    “5 ways to cook your steak”
    “13 powerful ways to appear smarter”
    “33 tips for surviving college”

  • Use weird analogies:

    some examples could be:

More Random Article Headline Writing Tips:

  • Use strong present-tense verbs
  • Avoid “padding” words such as “a, and, the”
  • PROOF READ and PROOF READ again!


If you have any tips for better headlines, please comment below!

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