Basics of Business Marketing with your Blog

What is a blog?

Although full details and history can be found at Wikipedia, here’s the down and dirty basics.

The modern blog as we see it today evolved from online diaries. These websites were run by average people so they could express their personal opinions and/or share their lives with random strangers as a release from the real world.

The emergence of free and easy to use (CMS) content management systems or blogging platforms
has given businesses and individuals the power to create content for their customers to FIND.

 Standard Blogging Guidelines:

Before going nuts writing content, keep these rules in mind.
Don’t write for the sake of it. Quality over quantity. Remember it’s a two fold audience – search engines AND humans. However, since Google commands a substantial search volume, their new algorithm updates (such as PANDA), are more able to recognize quality content. The days of keyword stuffing and spam techniques are practically over.

Define the purpose of your content

Rule of Thumb:
Publish QUALITY Content people will want to SHARE
and the Search Engines will NOTICE

It is easy to get off topic so define the purpose of your content before writing.

  • What question is it answering?
  • What problem does it solve?
  • Who do you want to read it?
  • What do you want them to do next? (Call to action)

It is good to educate others to increase your “guru status” while leaving them wanting more.

Create a schedule for writing

Sounds simple and stupid but very few people can actually mentally keep track of when they should write new content.

I recommend spending a couple hours at the beginning of the month to come up with fresh relevant topics people will want to learn or listen to. Set reminders in your calendar when you will write blog posts. Whether it’s once a month or twice a week, JUST DO IT and keep with your schedule.

Just like going to the gym, once you fall off, it’s easy to keep forgetting. But the beauty is, once you are in your groove, it’s easy to stay on top of it! Just keep in mind, “Would my typical customer be interested in this?”

Make the headline of your article grab people!

With the millions of blogs out there, you will want to focus on the headline of your article. This is extremely important as internet users have a very short attention span. Here are some ideas for killer headlines.

Categorize and tag everything

Write as a person, not robot or PHD nuclear scientist (aka layman’s terms)

Write as you would speak to your friends and family. Keep it casual and informative. DO NOT sound like a pushy sales person and stay away from phrases that you would see in a late night infomercial, (i.e. The best widgets, premiere performers, top awarded) unless you can back it up with proof such as awards and certifications. Regardless, unless its a very well known award, your quality content will speak higher of you.

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